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Soles in 3 steps

1) Make footprints at home

We will send you a fitting package with a questionnaire and a tool that allows you to make footprints easily and accurately.

2) Return easily

You send the footprints made back to us free of charge using the return sticker provided.

3) Custom made & home delivery

Our podiatrists use the footprints and questionnaire to tailor products and ship them back to your home.

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Your feet, your fit

We offer high-quality customized foot aids for daily activities, work and sports. Reduces foot pain and provides prevention. Upgrade any kind of shoe with our innovative solutions.


Faster than the traditional way

With the same result, without unnecessary tests, appointments and relocations.


Save money

Compared to the traditional way, you save on average up to 20%. This is thanks to our decentralized way of working.

Soles wants to make insoles more accessible

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Our pride

Fitting-pakket voor op maat gemaakte inlegzolen
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Foam box

You will receive this by post and it will be securely packaged in a shipping bag. This foam box is part of the fitting package.

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We scan your footprints with the utmost accuracy using our 3D scanner.

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Custom insole

Based on your footprints in combination with the questionnaire. Is this the end result.


Some frequently asked questions

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