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Soles offers a unique approach to purchasing insoles. Soles makes the process quick and easy. Thanks to the close cooperation with partner podiatrists, Soles can guarantee that customers always receive the best care and comfort. In addition, Soles products are designed at affordable prices, giving everyone the opportunity to solve problems without breaking the bank. In short, if you are looking for comfortable soles that are affordable, Soles is the perfect choice.
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The pro's of

Custom-made soles compared to standard soles

Custom-made insoles are better than standard insoles because they are specifically adapted to the unique shapes, sizes and weight distribution of the wearer's foot. As a result, they offer more comfort, support and stability, reducing the risk of fatigue and injuries. Standard soles are often one size and therefore cannot meet the wearer's individual needs, leading to uncomfortable and unstable fits.

Useful info

If the insoles do not meet your expectations, we advise you to take our insoles to a podiatrist or other expert. For example, our soles can still come in handy to give an indication to the podiatrist/therapist so that they can solve the problem. If you go to one of our partner practices, they can also adjust our soles, at an advantageous rate.


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If this is not the solution you are looking for. Because the distance to one of our partners is too far, for example. Then let us look at another solution together . Fill in the complaint form and we will help you as soon as possible.