Achillodynia - what is it and how do you treat it?

Achillodynie - wat is het en hoe behandel je het?

Achillodynia is a condition that occurs when the tendon of the calf muscles becomes inflamed. This can be caused by overuse of the muscles or by an injury. It is a common problem among athletes, especially runners and football players. In this article we take a closer look at what exactly achillodynia is, what the symptoms are and how you can treat it.

Symptoms of Achillodynia

The symptoms of achillodynia are pain and stiffness in the calf muscles and around the heel. The pain may gradually increase and become worse with walking or exercising. In some cases, swelling may also occur. In severe cases, the tendon can rupture, leading to acute and severe pain.

Causes of Achillodynia

Achillodynia is usually caused by overuse of the calf muscles. This can happen to athletes who jump, run, or change direction quickly. It can also be caused by incorrect technique during exercise, such as landing too much on the forefoot when running. Furthermore, an incorrect warm-up or insufficient rest between training sessions can also contribute to the development of achillodynia.

Treatment of achillodynia

The treatment of achillodynia usually consists of rest and reducing the load on the calf muscles. This means that you have to temporarily stop exercising and let the muscles rest. It may also be necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs or follow physiotherapy. In some cases, surgery may be needed to repair the tendon.

Prevention of achillodynia

To prevent achillodynia, it is important to properly warm up the calf muscles before exercising. It is also wise to start exercising gradually and to build up the load slowly. It is also important to wear good shoes that provide sufficient support for the foot and ankle. If you already suffer from achillodynia, it is important to get enough rest and not to start exercising again too quickly.


Achillodynia is a nasty injury that affects many athletes. It is important to recognize the symptoms in time and to reduce the load on the calf muscles. By taking good preventive measures, you can prevent achillodynia. Contact a doctor if the symptoms persist or get worse.

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