Prevent chilblains during cold weather

Voorkom wintertenen tijdens koud weer

Chilblains can be annoying and painful, especially during cold weather. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent chilblains.

Below are some tips for preventing chilblains:

  1. Wear Warm Socks: Wearing warm socks is an easy way to keep your toes warm. Choose socks made of wool or another warm material to keep your toes warm and healthy.

  2. Protect your toes: There are specially designed protectors available that you can wear to protect your toes from the cold. These protectors can be worn in boots or shoes to keep your toes warm and healthy.

  3. Move your toes: Exercise helps to improve circulation in your toes and keep them warm. Try to move your toes regularly while wearing warm socks or protectors.

  4. Avoid wetness: Keep your feet dry and clean to avoid getting your toes wet. This can increase the chance of chilblains.

  5. Eat healthy: A healthy diet is important for the health of your toes. Try to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your toes healthy.

  6. Wear insoles


Chilblains can be annoying and painful, but by taking the right measures you can prevent them. From wearing warm socks to protecting your toes with specially designed protectors. Insoles can also help.

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