Morbus Sever: Heel pain in children

Morbus Sever: Hielpijn bij kinderen

Morbus Sever is a condition where children experience pain in their heel. It is caused by excessive stress on the growth plate in the heel, which is not yet fully developed. It mainly occurs in children between the ages of 8 and 14, especially in athletes who jump and run a lot.

Symptoms of Morbus Sever

The most common symptoms of Morbus Sever are pain and tenderness in the heel, especially during or after exercise. The pain can also occur with prolonged standing or walking. The heel may also feel red, swollen, and warm.

Treatment of Morbus Sever

Most children with Morbus Sever make a full recovery without treatment, as long as they temporarily reduce their activities and get enough rest. It may also help to put ice on the painful area and take anti-inflammatory medications.

In some cases, a physical therapist can help strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons around the heel to reduce pressure on the growth plate. In rare cases, a doctor may recommend a temporary cast to allow the heel to heal completely.

Prevention of Morbus Sever

To prevent Morbus Sever, it is important that children stretch regularly and do warm-up exercises before exercising. It is also important to reduce activities if pain occurs and to wear good shoes that provide adequate support.


Morbus Sever is a common condition in children who often exercise. It is caused by excessive stress on the growth plate in the heel and can cause pain and tenderness. Most children make a full recovery without treatment, but it is important to temporarily reduce activities and get plenty of rest. By stretching, doing warm-up exercises and wearing good shoes, children can help prevent Morbus Sever. In case of persistent pain, always consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

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