How to best maintain your shoes for a longer life

Schoenen onderhouden met Soles

The shoe industry is centuries old. From the moment people started walking on two legs, there was a need for protection for the feet. In ancient times, people made shoes from natural materials such as leather and cloth. The industrial revolution of the 18th century changed the way shoes were made. Machines made it possible to produce shoes faster and more efficiently.

Today, there are countless types of shoes on the market, from sports shoes to designer brands. Soles is a company that focuses on high-quality, durable and fashionable shoes. What distinguishes Soles from other shoe brands is that we work with sustainable materials and that we donate a large share of our profit to charities.

Now that you have your new Soles shoes, it is important to know how to best care for them. Below we give you some tips to keep your shoes beautiful for as long as possible:

  1. Use a water repellent spray. This helps to make your shoes water-repellent, so that your shoes are less likely to be damaged by moisture.

  2. Clean your shoes regularly. Use a mild soap or shoe cleaner to clean your shoes.

  3. Use a shoe brush to clean the top of your shoes. This helps to keep the fabric or leather in good condition.

  4. Do not put your shoes in the dryer. Let your shoes dry naturally.

  5. Store your shoes in a dry place. Shoes that are stored in a humid place can smell or become damaged.

By following these simple steps you can keep your Soles shoes in good condition for a longer life. Soles wants our customers to be satisfied with our products and to enjoy their purchase for as long as possible.

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